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About Cliff Canyon

Cliff CanyonTM is an umbrella trademark covering content creation and production by Ken Westover. His most active excursions have been into publishing, television, radio, and music production.

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Songs of The Beatles Series

The Beatles released 12 albums of original material in the United Kingdom (UK). These were released on CDs in the late 1980s, and constitute the body of work produced by the Beatles the way the Beatles wanted it presented.

(These should not be confused with the Vee-Jay and Capitol Records albums released in the United States up until Sgt. Pepper. These early LPs were Capitol compilations that do not reflect the artistic sense or growth of the Beatles team.)

Musician and engineer Ken Westover has written a book about each of these original 12 LPs. The albums (and companion books) are:

Vol Album/Period Photo of all 12 volumes
1 Please Please Me
2 With The Beatles
3 A Hard Day's Night
4 Beatles For Sale
5 Help!
6 Rubber Soul
7 Revolver
8 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
9 Magical Mystery Tour
Yellow Submarine
10 The Beatles (the "White Album")
11 Let It Be
12 Abbey Road

All books are 8-1/2" x 11" paperbound with index coverstock. For details on the minutia included in each volume, visit our Songs of The Beatles Overview web page.

For an overview of the records released by the Beatles, visit our Beatles Overview web page.

Ken Westover is also the author of The Beatles US LPs: Where They Came From and How They Charted (currently out of print). This book was reviewed by Library Journal and Goldmine. (click here to see these reviews)
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Korg 01/W Percussion Manual

Songwriter and performer Ken Westover used the Korg 01/W keyboard synthesizer to compose demo versions of many of his songs. He documented what he learned about this versatile instrument in his Korg 01/W Percussion Manual. In addition, he created dozens of web pages to create an on-line manual for users of the 01/W. Ken has received praise for his style and contribution to the 01/W community.

Health & Nutrition Pages

Ken has a long-standing interest in human physiology and is sometimes called upon to answer health-related questions from family and friends. The results of his research are posted here specifically for them to reference, but are available for reading (but not reproduction) by any who are interested.

A primer on high blood pressure is at hypertension.

Nutrition primers:
food safety
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