Since 1994 Indra’s Net has offered a complete set of Internet services, including enterprise-class server colocation and web site hosting with managed options, MOE and T1 high-speed connectivity, and web development. We place a strong emphasis on customer service and specialize in creating custom Internet solutions for your business. We are also deeply committed to our community and actively support local business organizations and charities in the Denver-Boulder region.


Century Link Fiber Outage
As of 3:54pm Tuesday July 8th we have lost upstream fiber connectivity from Century Link/Qwest. This could be something as simple as a backhoe cutting a cable somewhere miles away. These outages are typically short. More news as we have it.
UPDATE: As of 5:06pm Tuesday July 8th our connectivity has returned. This does not appear to be a cut fiber, but a programming error or hardware failure as the outage affects all Century Link fiber connectivity in Northern Colorado, including Boulder and Denver.
UPDATE: As of 7:15pm the intermittent upstream failure at Century Link is ongoing. We are once again bouncing up and down in our connectivity as they address the problem and we work to route traffic around it.

Indra’s Net statement on the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability
Over the past few days you have likely been made aware of a critical vulnerability in the OpenSSL software library dubbed ‘Heartbleed’. This bug can compromise secret keys used for encryption and allow sophisticated third-party attackers to steal private information from web services. While we do not intend to minimize the seriousness of this problem, the risk to Indra’s Net customers is very limited. Indra’s Net is in the process of upgrading servers affected by this bug, and would like to reiterate three points to our customers:

  1. None of your personal data at Indra’s Net is at risk. Specifically, our web page which allows you to modify or update your billing information is not at risk of interception, and never was.
  2. This flaw has existed for several years before discovery. The cat is long out of the bag and the breathless media reports of digital armageddon are hyperbolic and overblown. Yes, it is a problem, but now we know about it and can fix it.
  3. Exploiting this bug is very difficult, and the biggest targets are financial institutions because, in the immortal words of bank robber Willie Sutton, “That’s where the money is.” You, as an individual, have an extremely low chance of being affected by this problem before it is corrected everywhere that matters to you, just as you have an extremely low chance of being struck by lightning.

We have identified a few websites hosted here which are potentially affected by this bug and are securing them now. If you have not been contacted by Indra support staff, you need not be concerned. So go out and enjoy the sunny day today, knowing that your Indra services are secure.

That said, we always advise our customers to change your passwords regularly, so if you’re feeling a little vulnerable now would be a good time. Here is some advice on how to choose a good one.

Diller-Quaile Site Launch
We’ve just completed and launched the new diller-quaile.org for The Diller-Quaile School of Music based in Manhattan. Check it out!

If you’re a startup looking for some assistance setting up your internet infrastructure, and want to save on your monthly bills, check out our Startup Service Packages.

New Datacenter
We have a great, new datacenter that’s ready to colocate your equipment. You can read about it in the Daily Camera, or check out the specifics here.

We’ve Moved!
Indra’s Net has undergone an upgrade to our colocation facilities, and relocated our offices in the process. We’re still in Boulder, but now you can now find us at 5435 Airport Blvd., Suite 100.