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About the TV Show
Cliff Canyon Views can be seen on Boulder public access television channel 54 on most Fridays from 6:00-6:30pm. The Friday program is, repeated on Saturday at 6:00am and 2:00pm.

CCViews is not seen on the first Friday of every month, when it is pre-empted by the program First Friday Live.

CCViews is produced by Ken Westover through the facilities of Boulder CATV, and is hosted by Cliff Canyon. The show premiered on 2002 October 11. The primary goal of the program was to show viewers events in the upcoming week, primarily in music and the arts. Information is compiled from several sources, then organized by day-of-the-week, then by price of attending. Early programs were comprised exclusively of this information.

As production challenges are overcome, additional content will be explored. Selected news items of interest along with sidebar observations will be added soon.

Viewers are seeing the birth and growth (or demise) of a public access television program. Little attempt is made to polish the early programs so local viewers can see what they can do if they get involved with Boulder CATV.

2003 March 21
Movement away from weekly entertainment calendar begins. All the work that goes into compiling information from at least four weekly papers into a web site is of no use that week. Response to the show was extremely low, so my work was essentially wasted. If I'm going to put work in on something, information that is less transient would be better for everyone.

As the cliché goes, Health is #1 because without that you have nothing. So today we scrap weekly entertainment and begin building a web site and program to help understand health.

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