01/W Error Messages

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rev: 03Mar25
Error messages received while in:

All Modes

Message Meaning
Battery Low (Internal) The voltage of the internal battery is low. This message appears when a battery inside the 01 needs to be replaced soon. (This is a different battery than the one on a plug-in card.) Click here for details.
Memory Protected You tried to write data to memory while Global Mode "Protect" is set "ON". Click here for details.
Will use New Bank's Drum Kit You tried to write to a bank which is different than the bank of the current Drum Kit. The bank of the current Drum Kit must be the same as the bank you are trying to write to.
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Sequencer Mode

Message Meaning
Beat or Length Mismatch 1) You tried to write a track or pattern to a track that has a different time signature. 
2) You tried to Bounce or Copy patterns of different lengths.
Blank Measure There's no data in the source measure.
Blank Pattern There's no data in the source pattern.
Blank Track There's no data in the source track.
Card Memory Full The number of steps in the sequence you tried to save exceeds the capacity of the card.
Measure Occupied by Pattern 1. A pattern overlaps the measure you specified for punch in/out. 
2. A pattern overlaps the destination measure
Measure Overflow What you tried to do would extend the track beyond its 999 measure limit.
Memory Full 1. The total number of steps in all the songs and patterns has reached the limit of your 01's memory. 
2. While Multi-Track Recording, the amount of data on each channel was uneven. Click here for details.
No Events Exits The track or pattern you specified is empty.
Pattern Across Source When copying: the source area contains part of a pattern. 
When "get"ting: the source area contains all or part of a pattern.
Pattern Conflicts with Events The Bounce command won't work because one track contains a pattern while the other track contains an event or pattern in the same measure.
Pattern Used in Song "Since the patterns before loading are used in the song, the pattern cannot be loaded." (This is out of my manual, and I don't understand it.)
Source Across Destination The source and destination measures overlap.
Track Protected The specified track is write-protected. Click here for details.
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Disk Mode

Disk Mode messages are in the Floppy Disk section. Click here to go there.

Global Mode

Message Meaning
Battery Low (Card) The battery voltage of the PROG/SEQ DATA card is low. Click here for details
Card Format Mismatch You attempted to read data which the card did not contain.
Invalid (Unformatted) Card The card contains no data, or is not intended for the 01/W series.
No Card Inserted You tried to access a card when none was plugged in.
ROM Card or Protected Card You tried to write to a ROM card, or a RAM card that was write-protected.
Combi/Prog in the Bank (C/D) You tried to load Sequence data from a bank that holds Combi and Prog data.
SEQ in the Bank (C/D) You tried to load Combi, Prog, or Drum Kit data from a bank that holds Sequence data.
Invalid Bank (C/D) You tried to load data from a bank which is empty.
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