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Introduction to Percussion on the 01W

If you've been playing with your 01 for a while, you've probably already noticed there are some Progs (programs) and Combis (combinations) that are made up of only drum and percussion sounds. If you have been sequencing, you've already found a favorite drum Prog, like A09 (Total Kit), B09 (Mr. Producer), or B29 (Percussion).

If you've reached the point where these factory-supplied Progs aren't exactly what you want, maybe it's time to learn more about what Drum Progs are and how they're built. Then you can tweak an existing Prog to fit your needs, or even create a whole new Prog (like a General MIDI-compatible drum Program).

The short version of big picture.
There are over 100 samples of percussion sounds permanently stored in ROM. These samples are called Drum Sounds. If you want to use a Drum Sound, it must be assigned to a key on your keyboard. A collection of Drum Sounds and their key assignments is called a Drum Kit. But you can't use a Drum Kit by itself. It must be built into a Program before you load it in and play it. Once you have a Drum Program, you can use it in your sequencer, or use it as part of a Combination.

To summarize:
Drum Sounds are used to build a Drum Kit.
Drum Kits are used to build a Drum Program.
Drum Programs are used in Combinations or in sequencing.

What's in ROM?

Drum Sounds

The 01 comes with 118 Drum Sounds (128 Sounds in the pro and proX models) permanently stored in internal Read Only Memory (ROM). These can never be changed, which means you can't replace them, but then you can't lose them either.
(The Percussion Manual lists Drum Sounds in numerical order on pages 18 & 20, in alphabetical order on pages 19 & 21, and grouped by category on pages 22-23.)

Drum Kits

The 01 comes with four Drum Kits stored in ROM. They are called Kit A1, B1, A2, and B2. Each Kit is a different assortment of Drum Sounds. (If General MIDI had been further along in its development when the 01 came out, one of these Kits would probably have been a General MIDI Kit.) You can go in and edit any of these Kits as much as you want, and then save your edits. Your customized Kit will then be remembered even after power is turned off. If you ever want the factory Kit back, it's still hiding in permanent ROM, ready to be copied back into a Kit.

(The Percussion Manual lists the four ROM Kits on pages 28-35, including keyboard drawings with individual instruments listed on each key. A General MIDI Kit and keyboard drawing is on pages 38-39. Blank worksheets for custom Kits are on pages 40-41. Also, a table showing all ROM Kits and which Sounds are on which keys appears on pages 44-46.)

If you ever want to replace your current Kit with one of the Kits stored in ROM, do this:

How to Load a Drum Kit from ROM
# Action
1 Press GLOBAL.
2 Press "7". (top line shows: GLOBAL P7:PRELOAD>ROM)
3 Highlight "Load Combi/Prog" to load all four Kits and all factory Progs & Combis. 
Highlight "Load 1 Drum Kit" to load only one drum Kit. Notice that you can assign Kits to different names, like Kit A1 to B1. This is useful if you like Kit B1 but spend most of your time in Bank A. Use this option to swap Kits. 
4 Press [LOAD] button "H". 
(from Percussion Manual p. 49.)

Kit Definitions

A Drum Kit is a collection of up to 60 Drum Sounds assigned to different keys on the keyboard. The Kit is defined in Global Mode on Page 1 (Kit A1 or B1) or Page 2 (Kit A2 or B2). This is covered in more detail on another page. Click here to go there.

Drum Progs

There are 7 Drum Progs locked in ROM.
ROM Drum Programs
Prog # Prog Name Kit
A09 Total Kit A1
A29 Dance Kit A2
A49 Freeze Drum A2
A69 Velo Gated A1
B09 Mr. Producer B2
B29 Percussion B1
B49 Velo Perc B1
(Table extracted from Table 24 on p. 60 of the Percussion Manual.)

You can edit these Progs and save the results in semi-permanent memory. You can copy the original ROM Progs into any Prog you like.
Drum Progs are discussed in more detail on a separate page. Click here to go there.

Drum Combis

There are 4 Drum Combis - Combinations made exclusively from Drum Progs.
ROM Drum Combis
Combi # Combi Name
A09 Mega Drums
A49 Stereo Kit
B09 Layer Drums 1
B49 Layer Drums 2
There are 7 more Combis that have one or more Drum Progs as part of the Combination. All are stored in ROM if you ever need to get at them.
(Drum Combis are listed on pages 106-107 and detailed on pages 120-124 of the Percussion Manual. A custom Combi worksheet is on page 124.)  
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