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 U High Class of 1980 Reunion

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News About Your Classmates - 2010
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Patty Lee Carlson Jon Westcot Susan Short Edwards
Dave Sutherland Bessy Proctor Jon Liston
Barb Miller Eaton Dave Nichelson Norma Johnson
Kathy Comfort Karen Muenchow Ritter Jim Carmichael
Janet Chiodo Rodriguez Steve Weygandt Todd McElroy

Tim Killeen Cheryl Miller Jay Indorf
Jeff Niepagen Tony Parker Mindy Lenning
Marc Liberta    


I have contact information for the following classmates. If they don't have a profile above and you want to get in touch, please email me.
Aaron Moore Jennifer Redic Otto Patty Lee Carlson
Allen Kennedy Jerry Gervais Pete Merna
Amy Parmantie Hintzman Jim Charmichael Randy Asper
Amy Wieting Joe Hoane Robin Murray
Barb Miller Eaton Joel Hartman Shane Stewart
Bessy Proctor Jon Liston Shannon Bunke
Brad Hauskins Jon Westcot Steve Cushman
Calita Sterling Miles Julie Foster Ryan Steve Girardi
Chris Deighan Karen Lay Kindred Steve Weygandt
Cindy Raycraft Funcheon Karen Muenchow Ritter Sue Short Edwards
Clay Hankins Karen Rude West Susan Weldon Grant
Colleen Blundy Kathy Comfort Tara Funk Van Note
Cyndi Lipscomb Kathy Cunningam Mueller Teri O'Brien Maitland
Dave Bergin Kelly Melican Jensen Teri Schoolman
Dave Follick Kevin Kennel Theresa Corso Feliu
Dave Nichelson Kris Hagglund Tinna Sun Catney
David Perry Laura Merwin Priess Todd McElroy
Delesa Suggs Sims Liz Hobbs Todd Vohland
Dianna Tuttle Johnson Lynn Jesse Fewkes Tom Adams
Diane McAdam Bange Marc Liberta Vince Kistner
Doug Thomas Mark Hines  
Elizabeth "Buffy" Allen Mark Mittelstaedt
Eric Easton Mark Shroeder  
Greg Walker Mary Bergin McCracken  
Janet Chiodo Rodriguez Nancy Del Castillo  
Jeff Grant Nancy Short Pittman  
  Norma Johnson  

Desperately seeking . . . .

Amy Meyer
Beth Adelman Adams
Carol McNemee Snodgrass
Cheryl Lusher
Christie Goerne Keene
Dave Golliday
David Bodien
Dawn Fenton
Don Dixon
Deborah Everett
Ed Fisher
Frank Stevens
Greg Dirks
Janet Heidloff Profilet
Jeff Sciutto
Jennifer House Merzdorf
Joe Hubbard
Joline Todd Labedis
Kevin Kolbe
Kimberly Kolbe
Lyndall Hicks
Melinda Phillips
Mike Messman
Peggy Whalen Prokop
Randy Witten
Reed Elam
Rick Hilligoss
Rob Hentz
Robin Nottingham Kaufman
Robin Smaling Thompson
Ron Warmoth
Steve Riddle
Susan Nygaard Schmidt
Susan Townsend Bentley
Tim Huff

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