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Reunion Gallery Page 1: July 30 - Aug 1, 2010

These are low-quality reduced-sized images for the web. If you would like a full-sized high quality image to print or keep,
please email me with the picture number and I'll send it to you.

If there is a picture of you on here that you aren't fond of, let me know and it's gone.

Thanks to the photographers: Kathy Comfort, Todd McElroy, Bessy Proctor, Dave Sutherland.

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High-resolution class panorama - Click the above image for the full-sized version.

Happy Hour - Maggie Miley’s Pub in UPtown Normal
photo photo

1. Kathy and Elizabeth

2. Dave S and "Mad Earl" (Eric) Easton
photo photo
3. Joel, Todd V, Todd M, Eric, Aaron
4. Eric and Aaron
5. Todd V and Steve W
6. Dave S and Susan
photo photo
7. Eric's tattoo is "Elephantastic."
8. Eric show us Bessy's tattoo.
photo photo
9. More Eric tattoos. Each has a special meaning.
10. Aaron Moore, Teri O'Brien, Dave S. and Joe Hoane look at old yearbooks.
photo photo
11. "A booby on a booby."
12. Eric's left arm
Fiesta at Lynn's
photo photo
13. Lovely women
14. Even more lovely women. Mary Bergin, Bessy Proctor, Diane McAdam Bange, Karen Rude West, Amy Parmantie Hintzman, Teri O'Brien, Julie Foster Ryan, Susan Short Edwards, Lynn Jesse Fewkes, Elizabeth Allen
photo photo
15. The tequila shots. Todd V, Brad Hauskins, Steve Weygandt 16. Steve and Joe
photo photo
17. Lynn Jesse Fewkes and Jim Carmichael
18. Elizabeth and Amy
photo photo
19. Nancy and Aaron share an interesting story, possibly how many beers Aaron drank.
20. Diane and Teri
photo photo
21. Mad Earl shows off his "special tattoo" to Susan Edwards.
22. The immediate aftermath of Mad Earl showing off his special tattoo.
photo photo
23. The tattoo in question, and the warning sign in a South African game park that inspired it.
24. Drinkin' and talkin'. Marc Liberta and Jon Westcot; background, Diane McAdam Bange and Susan Short Edward, Julie Foster Ryan; Joe Hoane talks with Doug Fewkes.
photo photo
25. Joe and Jon
26. Sue and Steve Weygandt
photo photo
27. Dave S bent over backwards to get good photos. . . . .
28. . . . . and it was worth it.
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