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Todd McElroy Address

I worked for Illinois State University for 11 years before moving to Phoenix, AZ to build software for Higher Education.  I now work for a consulting firm called CedarCrestone, Inc.  I was a project manager for universities/colleges implementing Oracle’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions system for many years before recently becoming the Vice President for Delivery.  I’ve been in the consulting business for about 15 years and our company has about 500 employees.  I travel just about every week

Currently, I’m finishing up my project management duties at a three year project in Nevada.  So I’m in Las Vegas M – Th.  I can think of worse places to be!

I’ve been happily divorced for over a year now.  I have wonderful twin daughters – Brittany & Francheska (born May ’93).  They play lots of sports but really enjoy roller hockey.  I coached roller hockey for about 8 years.  I’m not letting them get their drivers license until their 18, so they hate me for that. 


My girlfriend Maria is from South Africa.  She’s been in the states for six years and teaches 4th grade.  The four of us just returned from a two week vacation in South Africa on July 24th.  We were in Johannesburg the day of the World Cup finals but we didn’t go anywhere near the stadium to watch the game.  I brought back several Vuvuzella’s.You can find lots of pictures of us on Facebook.

My mom & dad, sister, brothers and most of my relatives all live in Bloomington/Normal.  I try to get back to Normal once a year (I still love that line).  I get lots of visitors in Phoenix - but nobody ever comes to visit during the Summer!

Three off-the-wall things about you we don’t know:

  • My forehead seems to be growing, but I’m not bald (yet),
  • I do my own laundry – and I’m good at it.  My mom is so proud!
  • I don’t like cats.  Probably because I’m allergic to them,

Hobbies and Interests:
I enjoy home improvement projects, so I recently bought a foreclosure property that had a destroyed kitchen - spent several months working on that.  I still enjoy sports - although I watch more than I participate now.  I work out regularly at a gym and enjoy chatting with the “regulars”.  My knees aren’t as durable as they use to be, but I still try to hike as often as I can.

I’ve hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back to the top in one day – five times now.  I ran one marathon and numerous 5Ks.  Jumped out of an airplane five times, but that was a long time ago.  I go to Cabo San Lucas just about every year for a vacation (the best margaritas are at The Monkey Bar).  Thank goodness I have a high metabolism because I eat way too much.Todd

Interesting places you have visited:  Mexico (several places, but like Cabo the best), Australia, Hawaii (Kauai), almost every state in the US (only about 7-8 that I haven’t been to – mostly for work stuff).  Most recently we vacationed in South Africa for two weeks.  We actually flew around the world during this trip.


Favorite memories from your days at U High? 
Avanti’s, attending sporting events, concerts, driving like a maniac/teen, partying.  I’m just glad I never got arrested… lord knows I should have been.

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