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Tim Kileen
 Tim Killeen, 1980

This page is dedicated to the memory of Tim Killeen.

If you would like to share some thoughts or a fond memory of Tim on this web page, email Dave.


I had a "visit" from Tim three or four weeks after he died. I suppose most would call it a dream, but it was a very real conversation to me.

He was very content where he was. He said he just wanted to touch base and let me know he was okay. I have no idea why he chose me; we weren't all that close. But I remember it to this day.

Don't try to tell me there isn't life after death. I know better. — Chris Deighan


Tim Killeen was a good man. He was about the coolest kid in school, but was still nice to us geeks. Once he came to a party at my house with some rowdy football friends. On their way out, one of the other guys stumbled into a huge cooler full of drinks and melting ice, scattering the contents. The other guys laughed and kept going. Even though Tim had nothing to do with making the mess, he reflexively stopped and cleaned up even as his pals were starting the car. It's a small snippet from a short life, but I like to think it is representative. — Jim Carmichael


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