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Susan Short Edwards

I work for Behavioral Science Technology, Inc., Principal Consultant. I’ve worked mostly in Leadership and Organizational Development, either internally for companies such as Coca-Cola or as an external consultant, as I do now. I have consulted on 5 continents.

Susan in Alaska





Photo: Cruising around Alaska with friends after the Mayors Midnight Sun Marathon in Anchorage (2003)








Kids: Alexandra (b. 1992) and Andrew (b. 1994)


Photos: Alex with a buddy (2008); Andrew hounding Ilya Kovalchuk of the Atlanta Thrashers for an autograph (2009).


I have a Facebook account

Three off-the-wall things about you we don’t know: 

  1. I volunteered for the Howard Dean campaign in New Hampshire;
  2. I read the Huffington Post daily;
  3. I am growing my hair out silver (kids and friends hate it, but it’s oh so liberating)

Spiritual or religious thoughts:  Seldom  :-)   OK…I do like Gandhi’s call to “be the change you want to see in the world”.  And I’m learning that daily meditation is the best medicine.  Seriously.

Links on the web about you:  I hope they’ve taken those sex tapes down by now.

Florida TriathlonHobbies and Interests:  Yoga, walking, reading, kids’ sports, beach getaways with the kids. I have completed 4 Ironman triathlons.


Photo: Crossing the finish line at Ironman Florida with the kids (2002).


I spent 15 years in Los Angeles:  First undergrad at USC and then graduate school at UCLA.

I did a lot of worthwhile community service work at schools, health clinics and senior centers in south central Los Angeles during college (great education for me).

After LA, we lived for 4 years in Pittsburgh, and have been in Atlanta for 10.   We love the city…plenty to do, great weather and not too far from the beach and mountains.  I’ve been fortunate to have good consulting work and international travel, and have somehow managed to balance that with raising two amazingly grounded, interesting kids.  Life is exhaustingly full, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I think that the Peace Corps is in my future…not sure how that jives with kids and college, but there’s always a way…

Me, Mom and the Kids at World of CokeFavorite memories from your days at U High:  Science club trip to Shedd Aquarium, pre-parties at Diane’s house, volleyball, Daytona Beach.

Photo; Mom, Andrew, me and Alex at the World of Coke (2009).

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