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Kathy Comfort





I’m an Associate Professor of French at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.  I teach French language, literature and civilization to undergraduate French majors and graduate students.

I’m lucky because I love my job.  Most people I know only see their job as a way to earn money but I enjoy going to work every day.  My students and my colleagues are inspiring (although I can do without administrative work).

I have a little house and a yard that I putter in when I feel like it.  I’m a “dog person” and have two “kids” I adopted from a no-kill shelter; one’s a Basenji/Terrier mix, the other a Dalmatian runt.  They provide endless entertainment and stress relief.Photo -dog

Photo -dog










I pretty much read for a living but I still love a good mystery novel--especially if it deals with medical issues.  I never thought I’d live in the South but I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else but Arkansas!  I’m proud to know how to “Call the Hogs.” Wooooo Pig Soieeee!


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Three off-the-wall things about you:

  1. I can think give you a song for virtually anything anyone might say.
  2. I love to cook and have always wanted to be a pastry chef.
  3. I didn’t like NCAA basketball until I went to the University of Kansas for grad school; I didn’t like NCAA football until I came to the University of Arkansas.

Spiritual or religious thoughts:
It’s all good.

Links on the web about you:


Hobbies and Interests:France
Cooking, gardening, my dogs, walking.

Interesting places you have visited:
I lived in France for 2 years (studying and teaching English)
St. Petersburg (when it was still Leningrad), Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Spain, pretty much every part of France (except Corsica), England, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Morocco, Canada, Italy, Monaco, Andorra, Arkansas Delta.


Favorite memories from your days at U High?

Most of my memories from high school are not positive (see Jon Westcot’s profile).  It’s Francetoo bad that I didn’t know then that everyone has something they’re dealing with and that you’ll be much happier being fearless and doing/saying what you really what to.

That said, my favorite memories are of band (marching and concert) because the teachers (Mr. Urey and Mr. Parge) were very easy going and open to quirkiness.  That was the only class where I felt I “fit in” (certainly not because of any musical gift, mind you) but because the other teachers were not willing / interested in encouraging a shy, quiet person.


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