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Cheryl Miller
 Cheryl Miller, 1980

This page is dedicated to the memory of Cheryl Miller.

If you would like to share some thoughts, a fond memory, or old photos of Cheryl on this web page, email Dave.

Cheryl died in February of 1994, of complications that may have been linked to a degenerative brain disease. Her family wishes that we celebrate her life and accomplishments rather than dwell on the details of her death.


Photo - Cheryl's grave

Cheryl's grave


Photo - memorial plaque at Cheryl's church

Memorial plaque at Cheryl's church


I enclosed what Cheryl Miller wrote in the last Clarionette of our senior year. I thought that Cheryl Miller in her own words at age 18 gave a good idea of what type of person she was and what was so special about U-High. Since my locker was next to hers, I would see her quite a bit. What I remember most about her was her smile and laugh. -- Mark Mittelstaedt

The Clarionette, Friday, May 16, 1980

Pioneers rate No. 1 among schools.

I came to Bloomington-Normal last year as a new kid, not knowing what school I wanted to attend. But as soon as I saw Shane Stewart in a summer play, I would't have gone anywhere else You see, I heard that he went to U-High.

Well, Shane never took notice of my efforts but I m glad I came here anyway.

U-High has a lot going for it besides Shane Stewart. All the people here make up the type of atmosphere that most schools only dream of. I've been to three different high schools since I started as a freshman. The open campus, informal surroundings and the closeness between students makes U-High my favorite.

I just hope that all of my wonderful feelings for U-High will always be there. That if I ever return, the reputation of U-High will be still a good one.

My only suggestion for those staying at U-High is one that Mr. Young once gave to me. "Leave the place better that you found it." If nothing else is achieved during the four years at U-High, do something that would help to make U-High a special place to be. Give other kids a reason to come to U-High. A building does't make a good school. It s the people within it.

Be proud of U-High and advertise its greatness. It the students don t, nobody will. Listen! If Shane Stewart can do it, anyone can. Don t tell Shane I said that!

I'm looking forward to the future but I'm a little scared. It is like the scariness I get when crossing an intersection and the walk light turns to "don t walk." I'm scared but I think I can make it.

Take care!

I love you, U-High,

Cheryl Miller


I haven't thought about high school or anyone from high school in over 20 years and then I stumble across this website and am immediately drawn back in time.

I was having fun looking at pictures and reading about what everyone had been up to during all of the lost time. Then, I came to the memorials! I was unaware of all but Tim Killeen (who was probably the nicest person I knew during my U-High days). Tim's death, by the way, really affected me deeply.

Then I saw Cheryl Miller who I recognized and remembered only slightly. Then I remembered our interactions albeit very few.

I remember her smile and sparkling eyes! I remember she was a person I could trust. She was very likable...and had no airs of grandeur. She was, simply put, a very nice person.

When I read what was written in the Clarionette, I was taken back. It made me think of how we miss out on people who are really worth knowing only because of the timing. Our lives get in the way, and did even back then.

I really wish I had known Cheryl better as I am sure I missed out on something very special.

Thank you Cheryl for reminding me to pay attention to all people who I come into contact with. I do not want to miss out again. -- Shane Stewart


Cheryl Miller deserved the crown she was wearing in the photo. She was so kind to everyone, and smart and beautiful at the same time. I remember vividly her portrayal of Helen Keller in the U-High production of the Miracle Worker. To this day, Cheryl is the face of Helen Keller for me. Cheryl must have been very compassionate to understand and play that role so well. -- Jim Carmichael


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