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Bessy ProctorBessy (Elizabeth) Proctor


Occupation: special education inclusion teacher, elementary public school

I lived out my own ‘Leaving Normal’ by way of WI, CT, MA, WI, MN and CA.

I have studied special education issues such as autism, asbergers,etc.; studied arts -history, textile, drawing, painting, paper mache'; studied alternative spirituality; studied alternative healing; worked as an art teacher and special education teacher; cooked, waitressed, bartended, sewed, art modeled; lived on Cape Cod, MA; in CT, WI, MN, CA; traveled over most of the U.S. and some of Europe.

By working in a variety of jobs and experiencing so many locations I managed to accrue a ‘school of life’ education that included 2 marriages. My reasoning was complicated, but I did learn something everywhere I went, even if my meandering was unconventional.

My journey happily landed me in California in 1986 and I have stayed here since. Now I am quite settled in San Francisco.

Airborne and I, dancing in Rome




Spouse and Occupation:
I am married to Steve Hixon (Airborne), who owns the JK Sound Company, so consequently we occasionally attend interesting concerts and events. Ironically, he is also from the Midwest so we sort of speak the same language (we both know that de-tasseling is something you do to corn.) We bought a pretty purple 1909 Victorian home in a nice neighborhood called Noe Valley.

Photo - Airborne and I dancing on a bridge in Rome.





I have 2 daughters, Rhianna (b. 1992) and Sierra (b. 1989), and 1 stepdaughter, Michelle (b. 1980). The youngest, Rhianna, attends SF School Of The Arts and is currently applying to art academies.
Sierra is at UC Santa Barbara for biology (probably premed), and Michelle is at SF State getting her teaching credential. I am extremely proud of them, and am relieved that they are on interesting and educated paths.

My family

Facebook account: Yes, as Bessy Proctor

Three off-the-walls things you might not know about me:
1. I'm a Lindy Hopper
2. I had homebirths,
3. I'm Reiki certified

      Religion: open heart

Swing dance, waltz, swimming, drawing, textile arts, beading, homeopathy, alternative healing, hiking, traveling, reading, painting things...

My name in lights

Time-lapse photos, I'm writing my name with my cell phone.

I have raised my children to be interested and interesting.

When my girls were young I worked teaching art at a mural arts center and at libraries, G.S. leadering, volunteering at their schools, and driving them to their multiple activities. We established many friendships from their co-op nursery school and elementary school, and still socialize with them.

We also regularly see my sisters, Wendy and Morgan, et al, that followed me out here in the late eighties. We moved my mom out here until she died 6 years ago.

Me and the girls, in a rainstorm in ParisBessy Proctor

Father's Day

Photos - Me and the girls caught in a rain storm in Paris, near the Sorbonne; me; Airborne with Rhianna and Sierra at Father's Day.

I am currently working as an inclusion teacher at an elementary school on the highest hill in S.F., and occasionally I teach art at a science and art museum/nature center. I took college classes one at a time for several years and now that the kids are mostly independent, I have filled the time with dance, drawing and art classes, swimming, studying alternative healing, stairway walks, beading and textile arts. I am curious to see how the next chapter will unfold with the house child-free during the school year.

Sometimes I miss Normal now that I no longer have any reason to go back. My kids loved Normal, they could catch fireflies and watch the bunnies at dusk, drive through a thunderstorm, eat freshly fallen snow, experience heat with humidity, and fierce cold without. I miss the beautiful sky, the lightning, the changing seasons, and the orderliness of corn.

Gathering the van clan to go to school and extra-curricular events, swim meets, football and basketball games, bonfires, Avanti’s and Burger King,

Rocky Horror Picture Show, changing of the classes on student night, sleepovers and parties...

Teachers: Weidman, Albert, Martin, Emmet, Parmentie, Lewis

High school in many ways was an educational experience. Mostly I had fun and I enjoyed several of my classes, the various social events and the parties. I regret the hurtful choices I made in high school and I apologize to those of you who endured my stupidity or wrath.

Well, any of you are welcome to visit me in San Francisco; where the views are spectacular, the climate suits my clothes, and the spectrum of culture phenomenal!
Love, Bessy

My family, with Golden Gate Bridge



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