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Barb Miller Eaton

I work as a receptionist at Normal Community West High School.  I answer the five phone lines coming into the school, report to the three assistant principals, type and process all the discipline on the 1700+ darlings that are students at West, and assist the AP's, staff, and students/parents as needed.

Spouse's Name & Occupation: 
Jim Eaton - Teacher at Parkside Junior High School and head wrestling coach at Normal Community West High School.  We will celebrate our 29th anniversary in October.

Andrea (1986) - graduated from NCWHS in 2005 and IWU in 2009 with a major in educational studies and a minor in psychology.  She is currently in grad school at ISU studying to be a Child Life Specialist. 

Nathaniel (1991) graduated from NCWHS in 2009 and is a freshman at the U of I studying Biological Sciences hoping to go on to med school.

Left: Andrea's graduation from IWU April 09. Right: Nathaniel's graduation from NCWHS May 09

Do you have a Facebook or Myspace account? Not yet - my kids would just die if I did have one!

Three off-the-wall things about you we don’t know: 

    1. I love watching professional bull riding,
    2. I got to meet Montel Williams (he was my brother's college roommate),
    3. and never try to photograph a buffalo in Yellowstone National Park w/o expecting him/her to follow you to your vehicle to say hello to your family!

Spiritual or religious thoughts:  Faith is what has gotten me through a lot in life, especially the passing of my mom.  Always keep the faith.

I am a pretty low-maintenance kind of person.  I try to do what is best, work hard, and hope it pays off in the end. I like walking/jogging, watching the Packers, watching my kids participate in sports.

If I am not at a sporting event, you can usually find me at a casino...

We used to get in the van and travel for our vacations without making any plans or reservations ahead of time, and would just see what would come along.  At times those two weeks were an awful long time to be in a vehicle together, but we got to see alot of the United States that way. 

Interesting places you have visited:  Yellowstone National Park, Grand Tetons, Badlands, Okalahoma City, Gettysburg, Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, Washington DC, the Naval Academy, Hershey PA, a LOT of trips of course to Green Bay, The Spam Museum, Wisconsin Dells, Pikes Peak, Williamsburg, and I am sure I have probably missed some. 

Favorite memories from your days at U High?  All the parties!


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