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T-Tape and Strap Method: Introduction

The t-tape and elastic strap method of foreskin restoration has proven to be quite popular for a number of reasons, which I'll outline in a moment. This method is easy to find parts for, and easy to make at home. The only thing required is a sewing machine and the basic skills required to use one, and in our enhancements section, there are even some ways to get out of sewing anything.


This system uses a unique t-shaped tape that is applied to the penis shaft skin. The "T" shape leaves a ledge or tail of tape around the penis to which a clip may be attached after the tail (and what skin you have) is pulled forward, away from the tip of the penis. At the end of the clip is a length of elastic; there's a clip at the other end, too, which you clip to your underwear, waistband, etc. (If this seems confusing, it won't be by the time you're done reading about it.)

The strap can take any number of forms. Probably the easiest and most comfortable is around the waist. A long elastic can go over your shoulder for night wear. You can even loop it around your leg if you construct the right type of strap (we'll discuss all of these options in the strap construction section).

In any case, the fact that the strap is made of elastic allows you to apply tension to the t-tape when you were it. It is this tension (i.e., the simulation of weight) that causes the skin expansion that's at the foundation of non-surgical foreskin restoration efforts.

Therefore, there are two parts: the t-tape (affixed to your penis) and the strap (affixed to something stationary on your body or clothing).

Why is This Method So Great?

There are a number of reasons I like this approach to restoration.

  • There are no weights to come loose and fall down your pantleg to the floor. (This has actually happened to me using weighted tape rings, and it's embarrassing. In fact, I stopped restoring for well over a year because of such an incident.)

  • Even if something does come loose, there's nothing to fall to the floor, so there's nothing to get embarrassed about.

  • It's comfortable (unless you get the tension too great, which is the case with any method).

  • It's easy to make and to apply.

  • The t-tape doesn't constrict erections, as other methods all do, meaning you can wear this 24 hours a day if you wish.

  • It's remarkably effective. People who use it report fast results.

  • It's invisible under clothing. There are no bulky weights to swing around or make funny-looking outlines in your pants.

  • You can wear it during activity. Running, jogging, tennis or anything else is all perfectly fine with this. Try that with weights.

  • You can wear it with most any clothing. Even if you're shirtless and wearing high-rise shorts, you can still wear this system using a waist strap and nobody will know. (Though there is some risk if the system comes loose; the strap may hang down below the leg of your shorts.)

If you do start using the system, you may want to read our t-tape and strap FAQ that addresses many common questions about the system.

Other Thoughts

There is a ready-made restoration system on the market called "Restore Skin" (a/k/a "RS System") from a "D. Evans" that I am told is remarkably similar to the method described here (I've never ordered it, and have never seen it personally). While I don't begrudge anyone the right to market a product, considering how easy it is to make your own system at home, I'm not certain why someone would want to pay around $100 for a kit that has a limited supply of materials, especially considering that what is described here results in a custom-fit to your penis size, and gives you a variety of options that you can select based on your own comfort or other preferences.

A note of thanks for former foreskin restoration list member Sulcus, who created the original version of the t-tape instructions, and to list member Tom, who made some revisions to them that helped make them more understandable.

What you'll be reading here is my own, independently developed set of instructions that I have personally illustrated (except for the photographs, which were contributed by another party). I believe my instructions are easier to follow, and offer the advantage of a custom fit. But in any event, it would not have been possible to create the material you see here had I not first learned how the make the t-tape from the other two gentlemen on the restoration mailing list. (The elastic straps I'll outline below are entirely my original designs, but I suspect they do not vary considerably from any other elastic straps used in foreskin restoration.)

One quick note before we continue... If you decide to begin using this system, and you have questions about it, please consult our t-tape and strap FAQ before sending e-mail with your questions. (Thanks!)

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Making the T-Tape

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