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My Own Experiences

NOTE: To read about the experiences of others, including some that have personal photos of restoration progress, consult the diaries section of my resources page.

Here is some more detail on my own experiences with foreskin restoration.

I began life as every newborn male does – with an intact foreskin. And like some 80% of American males, it was lobbed off without my consent shortly after birth on the order of my parents, and at the recommendation of my capable yet ill-informed doctor, who actually had the gall to compliment himself to my mother on what a wonderful job he'd done with circumcision (a story since related to me by my mother). In point of fact, like most circumcisions, mine has its flaws, specifically that it's uneven and there's a skin tunnel remaining.

I first found out about restoration by reading some information in a message area on a local BBS (the BBS, in fact, owned and operated by the same people who now operate the fine Internet service provider I use, TDE). I started like most men – after reading some of the discussion, I posted a question, something to the effect of, "Is this for real?" I was referred to the Joy of Uncircumcising book, I now mention in the resource section, and the rest is history, as they say.

This all happened in the fall of 1993. It lasted four months. Using the technique described in the Joy book (and briefly noted in the restoration guide), I employed weighted tape rings for restoration efforts. Once the entire apparatus came loose, falling down my pantleg, at work, in front of a customer. It was enough embarrassment to end my restoration efforts (I thought) permanently, but the thought never left my mind.

In September, 1995, I became aware of a mailing list for restoration (mentioned in the resource section). After learning the t-tape and elastic strap restoration method I describe in its own section, I knew I'd found an embarrassment-free method to start again.

Progress with the t-tape and strap method was rapid. I was inspired to share my knowledge and success online with the web site you're reading now

For those wondering, I achieved 3/4 coverage of the glans when flaccid, which was my goal for a number of personal reasons I will choose not to discuss here.

If I add-up all the days I was actually using a restoration method, I actively restored no more than about three or four months total to go from no coverage at all to the 3/4 coverage I mentioned. Part of that time was using weighted tape rings, and about half was using the t-tape method I describe on this web site.

While I'll never have my foreskin back, what I do have is reasonably close facsimile of it – one that increases my self-confidence, sense of pride in my body and its function, and I believe provides enhanced sexual function.

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