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An Introduction to Foreskin Restoration and This Site

As someone who believes he has suffered in a number of ways from being circumcised, I investigated foreskin restoration in 1993 after reading about it online. After a rocky start, I was able to successfully restore a partial foreskin in accordance with my goals. (You can read more on my personal experiences page.) With the advent of the World Wide Web, I decided to share my knowledge and experiences with others online.

This site does not concern itself with preventing routine male infant circumcision (though we certainly encourage you to help educate parents-to-be that circumcision is unnecessary and causes permanent diminished sexual function). Rather, this site exists to help adult males who were circumcised at birth (or later) by explaining the process of non-surgical foreskin restoration, and offering hope that by restoring a foreskin, one can restore a sense of wholeness along with enhanced sexual function.

Those of us who have been circumcised cannot reverse history. What we can do is reclaim our birthright through a process of non-surgical foreskin restoration. All that's required is the desire to participate and the patience to let nature perform a miracle. Sound too good to be true? It's not. Non-surgical foreskin restoration actually works, and there's less to it than you might imagine!

Will restoration put everything back the way nature designed it? Unfortunately the answer is no. There is no amount of effort, wishing, praying or surgery that will "put it back." The damage done to our bodies is permanent.

Non-surgical restoration techniques can, however, restore a great deal of sensitivity and enhance sexual function. Is it perfect? No, it's not. But most men report improvement, and some report truly remarkable improvement, after completing non-surgical restoration.

What Information is Available On This Site?

With the assistance of others, I've prepared and posted a great deal of information about foreskin restoration on this site. More information is being added as I have the time available to add it. Here's a basic table of contents of the information available here (the same as on the main page, but with more details):

Site News and Information

News related specifically to the web site, and changes that have been made recently.

A basic introduction to foreskin restoration and this web site. You're reading this now.
My Experience

Many people have asked about my own foreskin restoration efforts, and I've provided the details here.

Common questions about restoration are addressed here in frank terms.
Cautions and Warnings

Important information you need to read before you begin any program of foreskin restoration.
General Guide

A general primer on foreskin restoration techniques, from tape rings to t-tapes and more. Includes complete assembly details for my preferred technique.
Your Anatomy

Important information about the male sex organ, and the terminology used to describe its various parts.
Editorial Commentary

An on-going series of editorials on subjects related to foreskin restoration issues.
Other Resources

List of additional resources you can find, online and offline, including very compelling personal web-based diaries of others' experiences.
Questions? Comments?

How to reach me with questions and comments.


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