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Thank you for visiting Derrick Townsend's Foreskin Restoration Site, one of the most popular places on the web for circumcised men to learn about this topic. Here, you'll find answers to questions such as: What is foreskin restoration? Why would somebody want to restore their foreskin? How does one perform this restoration? If you're new to this site, click the graphic on the right.

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The material on this site is exclusively educational in nature. This subject matter, however, by its very nature deals with intimately personal, mature issues. While we feel strongly that this information should be available to those who need it, we acknowledge that it may not be suitable for all audiences. Anyone under 18 years of age should visit this site with the permission and direct involvement of their parent or guardian.

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An introduction to foreskin restoration and this site.
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My personal experience with foreskin restoration.
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Important things to know before you begin.
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A general primer on foreskin restoration techniques.
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Important information about your anatomy.
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A series of editorials on restoration issues.
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