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Editorial Commentary on Foreskin Restoration

When I began this web site, I purposely peppered it with personal opinions on various issues as they were presented here. As interest in foreskin restoration (and the Internet) has grown, my web site has increasingly been looked to for competently presented, factual information. While it will never be my goal to remove all opinions from the informational content here, I have made a decision to progressively tame down personal commentary in the informational sections of the site, and will instead place those opinions and thoughts here, in a section devoted to it, in the form of full-length articles.

The first swing at this was begun in December, 1997, at which time I removed some commentary from the body of the site in areas that I think did not benefit from it any longer. At the same time, I wrote the first of what will become a series of editorials. Please check back regularly for additions.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear: These editorials are not provided to stimulate dialog with me. If you disagree with my point-of-view, I strongly encourage you to start your own web site and publish anything there you see fit. I might even add links to your counter editorials. But I am not interested in receiving anyone's counterpoints via e-mail, and any such e-mail will be politely ignored.

In the future, I intend to accept editorials from others in this space. Stay tuned for details. In the mean time, I have a number of subjects lined-up to cover here personally.


Here is a list of the editorials currently available (check back regularly):

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