TAPESTRY #76003 -2

Fred Hess/Boulder Creative Music Ensemble


  • Fred Hess - Tenor Sax/Flute
  • Ron Miles - Trumpet
  • Glenn Nitta - Soprano Sax/ Alto Sax
  • Mark Harris - Alto and Bari Sax/ Bass Clarinet
  • Kent McLagan - Bass
  • Tim Sullivan - Drums



  • Loose Leaves
  • Ninth St. Park
  • Pretty Little Gypsy/ Chuggin'
  • Feynman Series #5
  • After The Leap
  • Ho-Tu
  • Clarinade
  • Planet T
  • Close To The Beach



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"DURING A PERIOD WHEN ALL TOO MANY JAZZ ARTISTS STICK TO COMMERCIAL PATHS, THE ENSEMBLE deserves credit for refusing to let tradition become a creative straitjacket. First-rate"

Michael Roberts- WESTWORD (5/99)

 "BCME ...PROVES THAT JAZZ ON THE EDGE doesn't have to be a battle with the inexpressible-that even in its explosiveness and unpredictability, there can be a level of stasis that's alluring to the most unaquainted fan. The musical ideas are launched in a historical context, with most cuts starting and ending on familiar ground.

This recording...features elaborately constructed nods to Duke Ellington on"Loose Leaves" and Lester Young on "After the Leap." The entire ensemble throw themselves into "Clarinade," emphasing their devotion to collective creativity, and it proves to be an excellent springboard for their ideas."

Nate Guidry - JAZZTIMES (5/99)

 "THE FIRST RECORDING OF NEW MATERIAL FROM HESS AND THE BCME IN EIGHT YEARS IS A HUMDINGER. . . . . . Each member of the ensemble is given ample room to move within this framework and seem to be strong soloists in their own right, often sliding solos against the overall orchestration. Ironically, what makes this music memorable is that the compositions seem to downplay individual considerations in favor of emphasizing a collective ensemble sound. The Boulder Creative Music Ensemble presents music of great complexity without the academic residue that sometimes accompanies it. Hope-fully, it won't be another eight years between recordings.

Jon Morgan - CADENCE (4/99)

 "IN HIS MUSICAL QUEST, HESS has explored both the outer edges of the music and its historical center of gravity in terms of repertory pieces. What is so impressive about NINTH STREET PARK is its integration of these very different principles into a coherent whole. In Tracks such as After The Leap and Loose Leaves, the bows to Lester Young and Duke Ellington are turned into a launching pad for Hess' imagination rather than destination points. Norman Provizer - ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS

 "THE DISC BLENDS HOT VAMPS, smooth solos, and swinging arrangements into a witty and gorgeous postmodern pastiche"

Thomas Peake - WESTWORD

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