Strasvytsa! Menya zahvoot Boyarina Yelizaveta Medvedeva ... Oh, wait - English, okay.

Greetings, I am Boyarina Yelizaveta Medvedeva (Lady Elizabeth the Bear in the common language). I hail from the great (and unfortunately Tatar-occupied) city of Kiev circa 1450. As the daughter of a Kievan merchant who traveled the Silk Road, I've been all over Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and some parts of Asia. As a member of the SCA, I reflect those fictional travels in my areas of research, which include all aspects of those areas, but particularly focusing on Russia and Ukraine. I'm also an archer. I shoot both 'handbow' (a modern replica of a period Mongol bow as well as a relatively modern wooden recurve bow) and crossbow (a replica of a 16th Century Flemish piece).

In this great society of ours I reside in the Barony of Carolingia, which you will find on your maps as the metro Boston area. Until recently I was the Guildmistress of the Quire (the vocal half of our Jongleurs) and for a few years I was the Historian/Librarian for the Barony. Sometimes I teach Middle Eastern dance and drumming, but lately I've been spending more time teaching about Russian music and garb and whatever else people will sit still for. I'm a master bowman thanks to the patience and skill of my teachers, Master Li Kung Lo and Mistress Ygraine of Kellswood, and I have been honored to be a member of the East Kingdom Archery Champions team at Pennsic. I am apprenticed to Mistress Gwendolyn of Middlemarch for the purpose of studying music and theatre. I used to be a garb merchant, I dance and sing and sew and act and marshal archery. You might have guessed by now that I like to keep busy. For more details, here's a sort of SCA resume.
I am married to Shi Hua Fu (MKA Dan Ritter). Here are Fu's details.

I am proud to have been recognized with the following (in order of precedence):
(largely copied from the East Kingdom Order of Precedence)
*Yelizaveta Medvedeva

  02/21/1998 Companion of the Manche (EK - arts)
  10/26/2002 Companion of the Silver Crescent (EK- service)
  02/08/2003 Companion of the Sagittarius (EK - archery)
  06/04/1994 Award of Arms 
  01/25/1997 Companion of the Troubador (EK - performance)
  04/26/1998 Companion of the Moon (Carolingia - Arts)
  ??/??/1999 Companion of the Daystar (Carolingia - Service) 
  06/27/1999 Companion of Perseus (Carolingia - Martial) 
  02/03/2001 The Queen's Gift of the Golden Lyre (EK - arts; theatrical performance)
  10/05/1996 Seamstress to the Crown

I'm also the administrator/owner/archivist of the sca-east mailing list. If you live in the East Kingdom and would like to join the discussion, please visit the web site:

My registered coat of arms is: per pale purpure and vert, a bear passant to sinister, in chief a seeblatt, argent.
In English, this is: a polar bear on a purple and green field with a silver seeblatt [heraldic water lily] above the bear.

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