About the Wedding:

The ceremony will start at 2pm on Sunday, July 30th. Immediately after the ceremony, The Waytes of Carolingia will play Renaissance dance music while we are off taking photographs about the grounds. Our friend Mark Waks (Master Justin du Coeur), husband of the Matron of Honor, will be teaching all the dances; we think you will have fun, even if you've never danced in this style before. As far as proper dress is concerned, you might like to know that the wedding party will be wearing clothes of the Edwardian style (c.1912). We do not expect or require our guests to do the same, but if you'd like to join in, there is costuming information on this site. Note: the groom has requested that our human guests leave their jackets and ties at home, as we would like everyone to be comfortable.

There will be lots of other things to do on our fine summer day: you can take guided tours of the historic Gore Mansion, and we are thinking of having croquet, badminton, frisbee, kite-flying, horseshoes, bocce and volleyball. Let us know any preferences or suggestions. If you have children, by all means bring them!

We expect that you will want to change clothes for these activities, so changing rooms will be available. After the ceremony and everyone has taken enough pictures, we will be changing into utterly casual clothes, and you should too.

We'll have a buffet dinner about 5:00pm. NOTE: This is a change in the time from the invite info! There will be barbecue for the carnivores and Middle Eastern for the vegetarians. Please indicate on your reply card how many people will be eating one or the other or both of these. (We expect most people will want to have both, since that's what we'll be having ourselves!)

In terms of restrictions, there are only two: First, we ask that there be no smoking except in the parking lot. Second is that the trees are off limits for climbing - tempting as they may be, the estate does not want to deal with certain liability issues, and the gardener might have a heart attack.

For those who have asked; no, we don't yet know about an organized activity on Saturday, but there may be one. If you have suggestions, please write them in on the notes area of the reply card! Maybe we can group people into activities even if there isn't anything "official" happening.

You might be interested to know that the invitations were designed by Barbara Broughton (Mistress Nicolette Bonhomme), based on elements of an Edwardian brooch. They were hand-printed on Indian paper by Bill Whitley (Master Oohashi Katsutoshi), using a vintage proof press and a custom copper die.