Some of these recipes are sorted into menus. These recipes came from World Wide Recipes, a daily recipe-zine. Once you subscribe to World Wide Recipes you'll receive a free recipe every day, Monday through Friday. Every week's recipes are based around a theme, comprising a complete menu designed to provide a balanced and harmonious assortment of dishes made from fresh healthful ingredients.

The seafood recipes have been deleted, reflecting the eating habits of our household. I have not removed the pork recipes because other meats can be sucessfully substituted. It's my cookbook, and I can do what I want with it, so there. If you want fish recipes, put 'em in your own cookbook.

Monday - "Starter" recipes include appetizers, canapes, and first courses.
Tuesday - "Soups & Salads" range from simple to elegant.
Wednesday - "Sides" include vegetable, rice, potato, and pasta dishes.
Thursday - "Entrees" feature the main course of the week.
Friday - "Desserts" with the emphasis on light and healthy.

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