I'm part of a social mailing list where these forms are updated once a year. I update this one sporadically. Here's my latest version.

Some Favorite Albums/Artists:
	- Tori Amos
	- Alanis Morrisette
     	- Eurythmics/Annie Lenox
	- Sinead O'Connor
     	- Broadway musical cast albums
     	- classical music (featuring French Horns is nice)
     	- Kate Bush
     	- Peter Gabriel
	- a lot of "Alternative" artists
     	- music from high school and college (Police, Styx, etc)
	- folk, Celtic .. basically most music except fusion jazz

Some Favorite Books/Poems/Authors:
	- Jane Austen
     	- Douglas Adams
     	- Dick Francis 
     	- anything on Medieval fashion/costuming and Russian studies
     	- Wordsworth, Frost, Shakespeare, Auden
     	- Grant Naylor (RED DWARF books)
	- Julie Kistler 
	- David Sedaris

Some Favorite Plays/Musicals:
	LOTS!  I like to go to the theatre often.  Some shows I like
	to listen to:
	- The Phantom of the Opera
	- She Loves Me
	- City of Angels
	- Titanic the Musical

Some Favorite Non-fiction topics:
	- costuming
	- Russian history
	- archery

Favorite Philosopher/Character: Winnie the Pooh, Gromit

Favorite Radio Station: WFNX (101.7 FM), NPR

Some Favorite Foods:
	- Italian
	- Mexican
	- reuben sandwiches
	- chicken in white wine sauce
	- tuna sandwiches dunked in cream of tomato soup (comfort food)
	- Chinese

Newspapers/Magazines read more or less regularly:
	- The Boston Globe
     	- Entertainment Weekly
	- Movieline
	- Internet World

Favorite Comic Strip: Dilbert, Foxtrot, Get Fuzzy

Newsgroups read:
     - I used to read r.a.theatre.*, rec.humor, alt.fan.sailor-moon,
     but now I'm just on too many mailing lists.

Also watches: 
     - B5, Friends, ER, CSI, Simpsons, Futurama, Scrubs, Frasier,
     Enterprise, Law and Order, anything with muppets, Cadfael, Red
     Dwarf, Black Adder, Animaniacs, Pinky & The Brain, The Tick

Most recently seen films:
        Kate & Leopold, Gosford Park, Amalie (not enough good action
        films out there right now)

Most recently seen Theatre Performances:
	Marat/Sade, Stomp!, Othello, The Full Monty, Lysistrata
Most recent Theatrical Productions (in which you performed/participated):
        Andromeda in PERSEUS & ANDROMEDA, costume designer for THE

Drink(s) of Choice: iced teas, hard cider, Diet Coke/Pepsi

Also spends time on: sewing, reading, writing (fiction & non-fiction), 
	playing with the SCA, playing with my Mac, researching
	and writing for Sci-Fi Channel specials, archery, cooking

Does not spend enough time on: all of the above, plus de-cluttering my
	house and unpacking, writing poetry

Would like to spend more time: reading, writing fiction and
	non-fiction and for TV, archery, staying in thouch with friends

In spare time: "spare time" is like "extra space" - there's never
        enough of it.

Smoker: No. ick.

Ambitions/aspirations: 	to be a published fiction author (I've already
	achieved being a published non-fiction author), to do more TV
	writing, to be a better archer, to travel to Australia
	and Russia and go back to England

Childhood Ambition Was: to be a writer

Pet Likes: bears and bear-related things, good books, nice people, and 
	friends you know you can count on

Pet Peeves: incorrect grammar in writing, people who talk during the
	movie, people who talk or unwrap candy loudly during plays

Pet of choice: cats

Still hasn't forgiven: I'm trying to be more mellow these days.  Life
	is too short to tie yourself up in knots about the past.
	Learn from your mistakes and move on to better things.

Addictions: romance novels, Jane Austen

Computer most often used: Mac G4 (home), misc UNIX (work and play)

Favorite Memories: all the good things that have happened in my life.

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