Skin was:

Maya Dorn: Vocals, guitar and songwriting extroardinaire!

Now living in San Francisco, Maya is still performing and writing songs, so check out her website!

Stacey Ludlow: Percussion, vocals and one hell of an organic tortilla!

Stacey now lives in Portland OR.

Dave Watts: Drums and percussion.

Dave runs the Dave Watts Motet, was a crucial member of Shockra, and has become a local luminary.

Edwin Hurwitz: Bass

Edwin has been freelancing in Colorado and has started a second career as a photographer.


and all kinds of guests who play horn, electric mando/violin, banjo, etc.









Here's a shot from Telluride at Garfinkel's of Edwin and Victor Wooten (shot by Jamie Janover)

Here's a wider view (shot by Scott Nash) with Darol Anger, Edwin, Victor Wooten, Maya Dorn

We'll be setting up links to our favorite bands and venues, so here's a start:


The Jazz Mandolin Project, featuring Stacy Starkweather and Gabe Jarrett

TheString Cheese Incident

Tony Furtado

Medeski Martin & Wood

Soul Coughing

The Larry Keel Experience




The Stone Church

The Fox Theatre

The Boulder Theatre

and some of our favorite instrument manufacturers:

Tribes Drums

David King Bass Guitar Systems

If you would like to book us, please give us a call at 303 442 5675 or email us


We're located in Boulder, CO. We have a CD, entitled Don't Buy the Man Another Drink, that is available now. If you'd like one,please send $15 (payable to Edwin Hurwitz) to:

PO Box 1128
Boulder CO 80306


It's also available at Albums on the Hill, Bart's CD Cellars, HB Woodsongs, Rocky Mountain Records and Wax Trax in Boulder and Lucky's in Nederland. We're also at Southwest Sound in Durango, All That Jazz in Steamboat. Check your local music store for availability and let them know they can call (303) 415 9225 to order the discs.


You can also request the disc on KGNU and KBCO in Boulder, KBUT in Crested Butte, KSPN in Aspen and other stations to be determined very soon. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

We have a cut on Pack of Dogs, a collection of Colorado artists, mostly based in Crested Butte. It was compiled and recorded by Bruce Hayes, formerly of Acoustic Junction and quite a hell of a solo artist. We contributed Mr Crumbman. Call Bruce at (970) 349 1743 if you want to order a copy.
Here's our latest schedule. We do encourage taping, if you are so inclined. Just show up early and don't bother the soundperson after 30 minutes before showtime. Philosophically, we prefer mics, since that gives a better representation of the sound in the room.
Our upcoming schedule includes:
We are taking an extended hiatus. Our only scheduled show for now is on the Pearl St Mall August 14th at noon and it will be a free show.

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