Here are some Grateful Dead photos that appear no other place that I know of.

Click on the thumbnail so see the real image.


This first one I found in my psych textbook in high school in 1978. The photo was next to a picture of a string quartet. The caption read something about how the quartet and the subjects in this photo would disagree about what constituted creativity. The joke was on the authors of the book as we all know that the band certainly had a lot of respect for classical music. Not only that but I knew the violist in the quartet and he once told me that the only rock band that he enjoyed seeing was the Dead as they "played with the intensity of a string quartet." (He was a teacher of mine at music camp in 1974 and had seen them at the Fillmore East).



This next one was sent to me as a birthday present (Feb 14th 1982). Can you guess the figure on the left? Hint: It's not Big Bird!



More to come!