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At the Southern Sun in Boulder CO 6/9/03 with the Realms Ensemble. Stanley Jordan, Jamie Janover (at least, a portion of his head) and Aaron Holstein.




I've been playing bass for a while and here are two of my instruments, a fretted 5 string made by Ron Guliotta of Carmel, NY, played by the inimitable Mike Gordon, and a 5 string fretless made by David King of Portland OR, at the Paradise in Boston on February 17th, 1994, with Shockra.




Getting ready to go on stage with the Dude of Life at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center during the HORDE Tour, with my beloved '67 Guild Starfire.


My new homemade Modulus Quantum 6. Thanks go to luthiers Larry Pogreba, Harry Fleishman, Michael Stephens (Of Woodsongs Lutherie of Boulder) and Jack Read as well as bassist Tye North (of Leftover Salmon). Sorry about the low quality picture. I'll try to upgrade it soon.

There are several instrument builders and others who deserve special mention:

I have a solo CD of Electronic Music, called Fat Pig, inspired by Gordon Mumma, Pierre Henry, Pierre Schaeffer, John Cage, Fred Frith and others. Various people appear on it in variously discernable forms, including Mike Gordon, Felix Rentschler, Bob Smith (Claw Me Down!) and others. You can order it at the address below for $8 post paid. I will put up some samples eventually.

I have played with the Dude of Life for several tours as well.

I also distribute the compilation tapes for The Bottom Line, a mailing list devoted to the bass, electric and acoustic:

  1. So Lo It Hz
  2. Denizens of the Deep
  3. Sub-Culture
  4. The Bassment Chronicles (CD only)
  5. A Fundamental Collection


To see a list of contributors, click on the titles.

If you'd like to order one of these tapes, send $7US per cassette (Vols I-III cassette only for now) and $8 per CD to:

Edwin Hurwitz
PO Box 1128
Boulder CO 80306

If you live outside of the US, email me to make arrangements.

I have collected a list of Music Stores endorsed by TBL.

Some of us in Colorado and surrounding states get together and call it CoBol!

There is also at list of Bassists at Bassline.Com.


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