The Bottom Line is a mailing list devoted to bass players. I have been the distributor of the compilation recordings that feature members of TBL.
  1. So Lo It Hz
  2. Denizens of the Deep
  3. Sub-Culture
  4. The Bassment Chronicles (CD only)

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If you'd like to order one of these tapes, send $7US per cassette (Vols I-III cassette only for now) and $8 per CD to:

Edwin Hurwitz
PO Box 1128
Boulder CO 80306

If you live outside of the US, email me to make arrangements.

I have collected a list of Music Stores endorsed by TBL.

Some of us in Colorado and surrounding states get together and call it CoBol!

There is also at list of Bassists at Bassline.Com.



The Colorado Bottom Liners

CoBoL is presently a subgroup of subscribers to The Bottom Line, a worldwide bassists' email news digest. CoBoL members are primarily but not exclusively Colorado-area players who get together about once every 3 months for two to three hours to discuss whatever comes to mind. (It's usually bass related.) If you'd like more info or to be added to the local group, email and be sure to include "CoBoL" somewhere in the subject line.

CoBoL meeting, 6/9/96.
Bottom row, left to right: Paul Schultz, Boulder; Shaun Kelley, Laramie WY; Mark Wroblewski and his dancing girl Nina, Lafayette.
Top row: Tim Cross, Dacono; Erik Habbinga, Longmont; Edwin Hurwitz, Boulder; Dave Sweeney, Ft. Collins.
Basses, bottom: Erik's Carvin fretless 6; Erik's Guild Ashbory fretless 4 with fretlines; Paul's Guild B30E.
Top: Shaun's Music Man 4; Tim's 7/8 German 4, 1880's vintage; Shaun's Modulus Graphite 6; Edwin's David King fretless 5.


Here is a photo (Sorry, it was very dark) of our latest meeting in Denver, names and basses TBA: