Horseshoe Canyon

Barrier Canyon Style Holy Ghost Figure

The Holy Ghost and Attendants panel is part of the Great Gallery in Horseshoe Canyon (aka Barrier Canyon). The large figure, the "Holy Ghost," is believed to have been painted by blowing the pigment onto the rock to create a unique affect. One theory is that this is to create the appearance of a buffalo robe. Note the finely pecked lines on its torso, which is common for many of the figures at this site. The attendants show abrasion from being pecked after having been created and whether this was done by the original artist or later inhabitants is not known.

Horseshoe Canyon Rock Art Panel

The Great Gallery of Horseshoe Canyon. Most figures are life sized.


Barrier Canyon Style Figures

This small panel is to the left of the Holy Ghost panel. The tall figure on the right is about fourteen inches high. Note the dog on the left, which has a white face, paws, and the usual curved tail. One of the hallmarks of the Barrier Canyon style are "spirit figures", and here tiny deer and bird spirit figures, about an inch in length, fly around the heads of the anthropomorphic figures.


Barrier Canyon Style Anthropomorphic Figure

One of the many remarkable anthropomorphic figures in the Great Gallery. Note the smaller anthropomorphic figures on the torso, as well as the zoomorphic figures on each shoulder. Some pigment has certainly faded and some has smeared, but the detail and care that went into this image is apparent. This figure is roughly life sized.

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