01/W Combinations ("Combis")

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A cleaner, more useful version of this list of Combis appears in Table 35 (page 137) of the Percussion Manual. (A sample appears below.)

A complete list of all the PROGs that make up each COMBI appears in Tables 39 and 40 (pages 144-147). (A sample appears below.)

A00  DawnOfTime
A01  MIDI Piano
A02  The Finale
A03  Super Synth
A04  Vox Picker
A05  Bell&Blue
A06  Volume Knob
A07  Orchestra
A08  MillerTime
A09  Mega Drums
A10  Animotion
A11  Notre Dame
A12  Warm Brass
A13  Evolution
A14  Whammy & Pad
A15  Botswana
A16  Salsa Band
A17  Marcato
A18  Jazz hits
A19  Lost Temple
A20  Death Star
A21  Old Tines
A22  Legato Reed
A23  Pollen
A24  Express Bass
A25  China Bell
A26  Polka Box
A27  Super Voice
A28  Sax Band
A29  Sea Storm
A30  Vox Gamelan
A31  The Legend
A32  Crescendo
A33  Power 4ths
A34  12 Stereo
A35  Air Castles
A36  Piano & String
A37  Chamber
A38  Velo City
A39  Dance Club
A40  Space Beast
A41  Synth Clav
A42  Fat Guys
A43  Explorer
A44  Bass Suite
A45  Warm Bells
A46  Astro Lead
A47  The Old King
A48  Plungers
A49  Stereo Kit
A50  Wonderland
A51  Registers
A52  Stereo Reed
A53  Steam & Res
A54  Coming Home
A55  Mallet Men
A56  The Gospel
A57  Ana Strings
A58  Octa Brass
A59  Hit The Dust
A60  Night Shift
A61  Piano Pad
A62  Mahler Horn
A63  Osmosis
A64  Synth Rezz
A65  Solar*Eyes
A66  Shogun
A67  The Phantom
A68  Crystal Sax
A69  Fife & Drum
A70  Percolator
A71  Principale
A72  String Reed
A73  Overweight
A74  New Guitar
A75  Hyper Baby
A76  Nasty Lead
A77  Harp String
A78  Big Band
A79  Slam Dunk
A80  Spirals
A81  Layer Piano
A82  Sweet Mutes
A83  Hyper Airy
A84  BowWow Bass
A85  VeloVox Bel
A86  Policeman
A87  OrchSwitch
A88  Bass & Piano
A89  ArabNites
A90  Dreaming
A91  Double-Manual
A92  Orch Reeds
A93  The Sweeper
A94  JustPlayIt
A95  Stakeout
A96  Bavaria
A97  Double Bow
A98  Moonlight
A99  Dagobar
B0  Eternia
B1  Power Comp
B2  Orch&Timp
B3  TheBigIdea
B4  Guitar Vibe
B5  Lub Bells
B6  Chorus E. Guitar
B7  Dynamics
B8  Alto Hits
B9  Layer Drums 1
B10  Bell Motion
B11  Full Pipes
B12  Dark Brass
B13  Vaporizer
B14  Metal Alloy
B15  Tasian Wind
B16  Sky Light
B17  Pizz & Bow
B18  R&B Splits
B19  Katmandu
B20  Nebulae
B21  The Tramp
B22  Delicato
B23  Ghost Voice
B24  Gargle Bass
B25  Brite Bellz
B26  Last Tango
B27  Deep Choir
B28  Group Sax
B29  Bug Forest
B30  Maniac
B31  Click Organ
B32  Brass Swell
B33  Fat Analog
B34  Gold Guitar
B35  Canyon Harp
B36  Bass & EP 1
B37  Amadeus
B38  Bass & Vibes
B39  Metal Mania
B40  Light Beams
B41  Pop Clav
B42  Regal Brass
B43  Slider Pad
B44  Walkin' Bass
B45  Secret Gong
B46  Lead & Pad
B47  Overturz
B48  Fusionette
B49  Layer Drums 2
B50  Dream Cycle
B51  PositivAir
B52  Woodwinds
B53  Neutrons
B54  Jazz Guitar
B55  In The Bush
B56  Rock Show!!
B57  Silk String
B58  Big Brass
B59  Ethno Geo
B60  Sea Horses
B61  Piano Floyd
B62  Fox Hunt
B63  Apocalypse
B64  Rezzzz Man
B65  Star* Pad
B66  Flute & Pick
B67  Acappella
B68  County Line
B69  Island Drum
B70  Multi "FX"
B71  Mixture
B72  Royal Pad
B73  Soft Analog
B74  Hybrid Guitar
B75  The Red Sun
B76  Return Lead
B77  Guitar & String
B78  Gig Brass
B79  Mad Bomber
B80  Vectors
B81  Dyno Piano
B82  Trumpets
B83  Airy Waves
B84  Synth Bass
B85  Vox Whistle
B86  Country Jam
B87  Concerto
B88  Bass & EP
B89  Suspiria
B90  Awakening
B91  Tremolo
B92  Embouchure
B93  Wondering
B94  Kotograph
B95  Solitare
B96  Happy Polka
B97  Big Strings
B98  Miles Away
B99  Horror Show


Combi Names Table

(Not available on this website - in Percussion Manual only.)

The Percussion Manual Table 35 shows all Combis in groups of ten. Here's a partial scan of page 137:

This is a particularly useful table that helps you find Combis with the instrumentation or sounds you're looking for.

Unless you're a reader of the Percussion Manual, you probably didn't notice that Progs and Combis are grouped in blocks of ten that share similar sounds.

For example, Combis with numbers that end with "1" tend to be keyboard instruments (see sample scan above). Some groups are broader than others (some have a wider range of instruments or Progs) but knowing the groups (as shown in Table 35) will help you find your way around.

Progs In Combis Tables

(Not available on this website - in Percussion Manual only.)

The Percussion Manual has two tables that show each Combi and the Progs that make up that Combi. Here's a partial scan of page 144:

Information as shown above appears for all 200 Combis (Table 39 shows A00-A99, Table 40 shows B00-B99). (There is no additional information about the settings of each Prog in the Combi.)

I found the tables useful when there was a Prog I liked and wanted to see which Combi(s) used it.

For example, which Combi (if any) uses Steel Drums?

(answer: Combi B69:Island Drum uses Prog A35:SteelDrums, plus two other Progs.)

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