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(Note: Wave Shaping is discussed on pages 68-71 in  the Percussion Manual)

Simply put, Wave Shaping is distortion. It is, however, a much more sophisticated distortion than what is used on an electric guitar, for example.

The 01 uses an envelope to modulate a clean Program (Prog). There are 60 envelopes to choose from, and they are all listed in the Wave Shaping Table below. To apply Wave Shaping, follow these steps:

1. Select the Program you want to try Wave Shaping on.
2. Push EDIT PROG.
3. Push "1" to select Page 1.
At the bottom of this page will be one or two Wave Shaping lines, depending on how many Sounds or Kits are in the Program. If you have a Drum Program (like A09 Total Kit), there is only one line. For simplicity, assume we are editing Program A09 Total Kit.

4. Push CURSOR UP or CURSOR DOWN once to get on the Wave Shaping line.
5. Push letter button "A" to highlight the Wave Shaping Type field.
6. Select the type of Wave Shaping envelope you want by entering the number corresponding to that in the Wave Shaping Table below. You can also turn Wave Shaping off by moving the VALUE SLIDER all the way down (after nudging it up a little, if it's already all the way down).

Table of Wave Shaping Envelopes
00  Sine 
01  2 Cycle 
02  Frequency3 
03  Frequency7 
04  10 Cycle 
05  Cacoon 
06  DoubleSine 
07  Phase 
08  20 Cycle 
09  Attack Up 
10  Symmetry 
11  Frequency8 
12  Resonant 1 
13  Resonant 2 
14  Zinger
15  GeoGraphic 
16  Reptile 
17  SyncSter 
18  Profile 
19  Star 
20  Take 1 
21  Vitalsings 
22  Forest 
23  Zigzag 
24  High Pass 
25  LineSine 1 
26  WS Bass 
27  Soft Curve 
28  Smoothy 
29  LogSine 1
30  Take 2 
31  Take 3 
32  Take 4 
33  Take 5 
34  Experiment 
35  Real Steep 
36  Pulse 5 
37  BowwBass 
38  Pulse Oct. 
39  Inverter 1 
40  Integers 
41  Super Sqr 
42  LinearSine 2 
43  Comb 
44  Snake
45  Rezzo 
46  Super Res. 
47  Acordion 
48  Triangles 
49  Inverter 2 
50  7th Res. 
51  Waves 
52  Take 6 
53  Exciter 
54  Booster 
55  Claver 
56  Soft Road 
57  Rubber 
58  Parabola 
59  Wurly
(table on page 71 of the Percussion Manual)
Once you have chosen an envelope, hit some keys. Wave Shaping is very tricky and personal. Some people like, some hate it. Wave Shaping works well with some Programs, not well at all on others. Play with the amount of shaping, as well as the other parameters on the bottom line, which are:
Velocity Sense on button "E"
Start Level on button "F"
Decay Time on button "G"
Sustain Level on button "H"
Copyright ©1998 by Ken Westover at Cliff Canyon Publishing Co.

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