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Korg sells a General MIDI (GM) disk, order number XPD-15. Loading this disk makes your 01/W GM compatible by loading Programs that have been edited to match the GM standard as closely as Korg could get it. Studying the way Korg assigned Multi-Sounds is a good way to see how you might create your own Programs. This table can also help you get started in creating your own GM-compatible Banks. (You can't totally re-create the Korg disk because there are several Program settings that are not shown here.)

01/W Multi-Sound Assignments for General MIDI Programs
#Korg Prog NameGM Prog Name #01/W Osc 1#01/W Osc 2
A0PianoAcoustic grand piano 0A. Pianox
A1Brite PianoBright acoustic piano 0A. Pianox
A2Hammer PianoElectric grand piano 1E. Piano 10A. Piano
A3Honky Tonk PianoHonky-tonk piano 0A. Piano38Hard Pick
A4New TinesElectric piano 1 66Music Box7Soft EP
A5Digi PianoElectric piano 2 3E. Piano 2x
A6HarpsicordHarpsichord 15Harpsicordx
A7ClavClavi 13Clavx
A8CelestaCelesta 66Music Box229VS 58
A9GlockenGlockenspiel 229VS 5866Music Box
A10Music BoxMusic Box 66Music Box66Music Box
A11VibesVibraphone 70Vibe69Marimba
A12MarimbaMarimba 202Agogo69Marimba
A13XylophoneXylophone 69Marimba205Claves
A14TubularTubular bells 80Tubularx
A15SanturDulcimer 64TechBassLP35F. Guitar
A16Full OrganDrawbar organ 24Organ 2 LP24Organ 2 LP
A17Percussive OrganPercussive organ 21Organ 119PercOrgan2
A18BX-3 OrganRock organ 20PercOrgan2LP17PercOrgan1
A19Church PipeChurch organ 30Pipe Organ 2x
A20PositiveReed organ 28Pipe Organ 1x
A21MusetteAccordion 31Accordion87Harmonica
A22HarmonicaHarmonica 87Harmonicax
A23TangoTango accordion 31Accordion87Harmonica
A24Classic GuitarAcoustic guitar (nylon) 33G. Guitarx
A25Acoustic GuitarAcoustic guitar (steel) 35F. Guitarx
A26Jazz GuitarElectric guitar (jazz) 47A. Bass 1231VS 72
A27Clean GuitarElectric guitar (clean) 39E. Guitarx
A28Mute GuitarElectric guitar (muted) 40Mute Guitarx
A29Overdrive GuitarOverdriven guitar 39E. Guitar43Dist Guitar
A30Distorted GuitarDistortion guitar 43Dist Guitar44Dist Gutar LP
A31Rock MonicsGuitar harmonics 43Dist Guitar250Syn Sine 4
A32Jazz BassAcoustic bass 48A. Bass 247A. Bass 1
A33Deep BassElectric bass (finger) 49A. Bass 2 LP54E. Bass 1
A34Pick BassElectric bass (pick) 54E. Bass 140Mute Guitar
A35Fretless BassFretless bass 52Fretlessx
A36Slap Bass 1Slap bass 1 58Slap Bass 160Slap Bass 2
A37Slap Bass 2Slap bass 2 48A. Bass 258Slap Bass 1
A38Synth Bass 1Synth bass 1 240Sawx
A39Synth Bass 2Synth bass 2 40Mute Guitarx
A40ViolinViolin 130Violin123StringEns.
A41ViolaViola 131Cellox
A42  Cello Cello 131  Cello 123  StringEns.
A43  Contra Bass Contrabass 131  Cello x
A44  Tremolo Strings Tremolo strings 123  StringEns. 125  StrEns.LP2
A45  Pizzicato Strings Pizzicato strings 132  Pizzicato x
A46  Harp Orchestral harp 46  Harp x
A47  Timpani Typmani 198  Timpani x
A48  Marcato String ensemble 1 123  StringEns. x
A49 Slow Strings String ensemble 2 123 StringEns. x
A50 Analog Pad Synth strings 1 129 PWM 127 AnaStrings
A51 String Pad Synth strings 2 127 AnaStrings x
A52 Choir Choir ahs 134 Choir x
A53 Yo Voice Voice oohs 133 Voice 139  Yo Vox
A54  Voices Synth voice 133  Voice 133  Voice
A55  Orchestra Hit Orchestra hit 183  Orch Hit x
A56  Trumpet Trumpet 116  Trumpet x
A57  Trombone 1 Trombone 114  Trombone 2 x
A58  Tuba Tuba 114  Trombone 2 112  Tuba/FrH LP
A59  Muted Trumpet Muted trumpet 118  Mute TP x
A60  French Horn French horn 111  Tuba/FrH 113  Trombone 1
A61  Brass 1 Brass section 122  Brass 2 x
A62  Syn Brass 1 Synth brass 1 240  Saw 240  Saw
A63  Syn Brass 2 Synth brass 2 240  Saw 129  PWM
A64  Soprano Sax Soprano sax 109  Soprano Sax x
A65  Alto Sax Alto sax 107  Alto Sax x
A66  Tenor Sax Tenor sax 105  Tenor Sax x
A67  Baritone Sax Baritone sax 103  Bari. Sax x
A68  Sweet Oboe Oboe 96  Oboe x
A69  English Horn English horn 97  English Horn x
A70  Bassoon Oboe Bassoon 95  Bassoon x
A71  Clarinet Clarinet 101  Clarinet x
A72  Piccolo Piccolo 88  Hard Flute 1 92  Pan Flute
A73  Flute Flute 88  Hard Flute 1 x
A74  Recorder Recorder 112  Tuba/FrH LP 92  Pan Flute
A75  Pan Flute Pan flute 92  Pan Flute x
A76  Bottle Blown bottle 94  Bottle x
A77  Shakuhachi Shakuhachi 90  Tin Flute 88  Hard Flute 1
A78  Whistle Whistle 254  Sine x
A79  Ocarina Ocarina 94  Bottle x
A80  Square Wave Lead 1 (square) 242  Square 242  Square
A81  Sawtooth Wave Lead 2 (sawtooth) 240  Saw 240  Saw
A82  Syn Caliope Lead 3 (calliope) 137  Air Vox 92  Pan Flute
A83  Syn Chiff Lead 4 (chiff) 63  Tech Bass 129  PWM
A84  Charang Lead 5 (charang) 43  DistGuitar x
A85  Air Chorus Lead 6 (voice) 94  Bottle 134  Choir
A86  Rezzo 4ths Lead 7 (fifths) 129  PWM 129  PWM
A87  Bass & Lead Lead 8 (bass + lead) 240  Saw 129  PWM
A88  Fantasia Pad 1 (new age) 12  P.Pad 2 LP 70  Vibe
A89  Warm Pad Pad 2 (warm) 129  PWM x
A90  Poly Pad Pad 3 (polysynth) 129  PWM 129  PWM
A91  Ghost Pad Pad 4 (choir) 144  Ghostly x
A92  Bowed Glass Pad 5 (bowed) 229  VS 58 11  PianoPad 2
A93  Metal Pad Pad 6 (metallic) A.Piano PianoPad 1
A94  Halo Pad Pad 7 (halo) 137  Air Vox 135  Soft Choir
A95  Sweep Pad 8 (sweep) 121  Brass 1 x
A96  Ice Rain FX 1 (rain) 129  PWM 160  Clicker
A97  Soundtrack FX 2 (soundtrack) 129  PWM 141  Syn Vox LP
A98  Crystal FX 3 (crystal) 73  B.Bell LP 74  Metal Bell
A99  Atmosfear FX 4 (atmosphere) 129  PWM 35  F.Guitar
B0  Brightness FX 5 (brightness) 143  Ether Bell 134  Choir
B1  Goblin FX 6 (goblins) 162  Lore NT 137  Air Vox
B2  Echo Drop FX 7 (echos) 134  Choir x
B3  Star Theme FX 8 (sci-fi) 127  AnaStrings 232  VS 88
B4  Sitar Sitar 45  Banjo 39  E. Guitar
B5  Banjoe Banjo 38  Hard Pick 45  Banjo
B6  Shamisen Shamsisen 45  Banjo 65  Kalimba
B7  Koto Koto 45  Banjo 40  Mute Guitar
B8  Kalimba Kalimba 65  Kalimba x
B9  Scotland Bagpipe 16  Harpsicord LP 14  Clav LP
B10  Fiddle Fiddle 130  Violin 123  String Ens.
B11  Shanai Shanai 109  Soprano Sax x
B12  Metal Bell Tinkle bell 74  Metal Bell x
B13  Agogo Agogo 202  Agogo 75  M. Bell LP
B14  Steel Drums Steel drums 77  Gamelan 144  Ghostly
B15  Wood Block Woodblock 208  Wood Block 2 x
B16  Taiko Taiko drum 197  Process Tom 254  Sine
B17  Tom Melodic tom 212  Syn Tom 2 206  Timbales
B18  Synth Tom Synth drum 212  Syn Tom 2 254  Sine
B19  Reverse Cymbal Reverse cymbal 151  Stadium NT 188  Crash Cymbal
B20  Fret Noise Guitar-fret noise 65  Kalimba 126  Str. Ens. LP3
B21  Flute Taps Breath noise 182  Tap 6 x
B22  Seashore Seashore 150  Stadium 150  Stadium
B23  Birds Bird tweet 165  Crickets 2 166  Crickets 2 NT
B24  Telephone Telephone ring 159  Tri Roll NT 159  Tri Roll NT
B25  Helicopter Helicopter 150  Stadium 150  Stadium
B26  Stadium!!! Applause 150  Stadium 150  Stadium
B27  Gunshot Gunshot 197  Process Tom 214  Zap 2
B28  GM Drum Kit Drums B Drum Kit 1 x

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