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Effects Page 8 is the same in EDIT COMBI, EDIT PROG, and SEQ mode, so all these modes share this common Effects web-site page. To return to the section you came from, click on the "Back" icon.

Page 8: Effects
1 FX1 (type, 00 - 47) : (on/off) Dynamic Mod Sou D.Mod amt
2 parameters
4 FX2 (type, 00 - 47) : (on/off) Dynamic Mod Sou D.Mod amt
5 parameters
6 FX Placement "Out3" (Panner 3 Output) "Out 4" (Panner 4 Output)
amt = amount
FX = effects

FX1, FX2 (00 - 47)
Here is where you select which one of 48 effects you want to use. A table listing all 48 Effects appears on page 89 of the Percussion Manual.

FX on/off
Effects can be switched on and off using any of three methods:
Ways to Switch FX On and Off
Manually Line 1, button "E", Value Up=on, Down=off Line 4, button "E", Value Up=on, Down=off
Foot Pedal Set Dynam. Mod. Source = PEDAL 1 Set Dynam. Mod.Souce = PEDAL 2
MIDI Controller #91 toggles on and off  Controller #92 toggles on and off

How to Turn Effects On and Off using MIDI
1. Set GLOBAL mode, page 4, Assignable Pedal (1 or 2) to Effect1 On/Off or Effect2 On/Off.
2. Set your sequencer to Control #91 for Effect 1, or Control #92 for Effect 2.
3. Send 0 to turn off, 127 to turn on.

Dynamic Modulation Source (14 sources)
You can vary "something" about the selected effect, depending on the effect you choose. The "source" is what you want to use to do the varying. You have 14 possible sources, including "NONE".

Dynamic Modulation Sources
Source Note
1 None
2 Joystick +Y move joystick away from you
3 Joystick -Y move joystick towards you
4 Aftertouch pressure on key(s)
5 Foot Pedal 1
6 Foot Pedal 2
7 VDA EG Variable Digital Amplifier Envelope Generator
8 Value Slider
9 Value Slider & Joystick +Y Either source will work
10 Value Slider & Joystick -Y Either source will work
11 Value Slider & Aftertouch Either source will work
12 Value Slider & Foot Pedal 1 Either source will work
13 Value Slider & Foot Pedal 2 Either source will work
14 Value Slider & VDA EG Either source will work

Dynamic Modulation Amount (-15 through +15)

Each Effect has one or more variables you can play with to change aspects of that effect.

Effect Placement
Each of the two effects can be positioned differently in the sound path  (See the Effects Placement drawing.). For details, visit the Effect Theory page.

Out3, Out4
IMPORTANT LABELING NOTICE!  "Out3" and "Out4" do NOT refer to back panel outputs 3 and 4. "Out3" is the output of Panner3 and "Out4" is the output of Panner4.

Output Panners 3 and 4

Panners 3 and 4 pan inputs C and D across outputs 1/L and 2/R. Inputs C and D can go directly into the panners. Or, you can run C and D through FX2 first. If FX2 is off, things are simple. C goes to Panner3 and D goes to Panner4. You can then pan C anywhere between 1/L and 2/R. You can also separately pan D anywhere between 1/L and 2/R. (See the Effects Placement drawing.) If FX2 is on, however, things get a little more... um... thoughtful. Some effects are stereo (#1-#37), some are mono (#38-#47). How panning changes what comes out 1/L and 2/R depends on the effect you choose.
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(For a list of all 48 effects and a discussion of Placement and Outputs 3 & 4, see pages 86-91 in the Percussion Manual. )

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