01/W Percussion Manual Errata

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Rev: 00Nov02

This is a page of corrections to be made to the Korg 01/W Percussion Manual. If you have a copy of this book, please make the following changes as indicated.
Page Change
Change the "# of Drum Sounds" from 118 to 119. Better still, print out a copy of the expanded table on this web site. Click to go see the expanded table
Delete the paragraph about EEPROM. The 01 does not use EEPROM. The 01 uses a battery to supply power to RAM when power to the 01 is removed.
Change "18 degrees" to "16.4 degrees". 
Delete the section at the bottom of the right column labeled "Copy/Swap OSC". 
Table 40, line B47. Change name from "Overturz" to "Overture" 
Table 40, line B70. Change name to: Multi "FX" 

If you discover other errors, please e-mail the publisher with your comments.

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