Residential Services Summary

 Services Description

Residential Services

        Standard subscription - 2 telephone numbers, basic cable television, Internet access at "dial-up speed" for $39 per month.

        Movies on demand - $1.99 per movie.  More selections than video rental stores; no tapes to return; no late fees.

        TvExtra! - Television without commercials scheduled at a time that is convenient for you.  Did you know that "an hour" of prime time television contains only 39 minutes of entertainment?  The remainder is filled with promotions and advertising.  Cost: $0.50 per show.

        Premium Television Channels - HBO, Disney, Showtime.  Cost: $3.50 per channel.

        Video Telephony - you can see the person you are talking to using your computer or television and share photographs, spreadsheets, CAD drawings, or other digital material.  Cost: $0.99 per minute.

        High speed Internet access:


Service Level


Monthly Fee

DSL (1X)

256 Kilobits/sec


DSL (3X)

768 Kilobits/sec



1,544 Kilobits/sec


        Free installation and free 1st month of service.  Each subscriber receives a risk-free trial.


Business Services

        Basic subscription - 2 telephone numbers and Internet access for $59 per month.

        Video Conferencing: high resolution video communication among two or more participants.  Participants can interactively review computer-generated information such as presentations or spreadsheets.  Cost: $0.99 per minute.

        Video Directory ("Yellow Pages") - Services providers can place listings in the interactive video directory.  When a potential client is searching for a service, he will see 5 to 10 pictures on his television or computer.  (S)he will select a picture, and a pre-recorded video will explain available services.  Cost: $50 to $250 per month depending upon geographic coverage and length of presentation.

        High speed Internet access:

Service Level


Monthly Fee


1.544 Megabits/sec



25 Megabits/sec



155 Megabits/sec



655 Megabits/sec