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The web sites listed below contain many examples of magic squares and cubes.


Harvey Heinz's site MAGIC SQUARES, MAGIC STARS & OTHER PATTERNS - is the source of the references listed below:

Mutsumi Suzuki's excellent MAGIC SQUARES - a large site, mostly magic squares some magic stars Also a lot of links

Eric W. Weisstein's Magic Squares - part of Eric's Treasure Trove Of Math, a very comprehensive work

Magic Squares by "Grog" - theory of Pandiagonal magic squares. Also a good history of magic squares.

Aale de Winkel – explores theory of magic squares and cubes - carpets, pedagrees, multiplication, etc.Also Pan Stars

Suzanne Alejandre: Magic Squares - this attractive page presents magic squares as a way of teaching math.

Concentric Magic Squares – The sum of the cells in each border form an arithmetic progression

Ollerenshaw & Brée’s   Most-Perfect Pandiagonal Magic Squares and book

Fabrizio Pivari's Strange Magic Squares - a different way of looking at magic squares.

Robert W. Wilke's Nested Magic Squares - simple inlaid Magic squares. Samples. Some theory.

Strange Magic Squares - Fabrizio Pivari - some very strange magic squares

Dave Harper's unusual Magic Square patterns: uses Java script functions to involve the viewer

Anti-Magic Squares by John Cormie & Vaclav Linek  presents an extensive investigation of this subject.