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Ordered sequences of binary integers are used in "Gray Codes" and "Karnaugh Maps". Gray codes are ordered sequences of binary digits that represent state changes in digital devices. A Karnaugh map is an optimization technique used to minimize the number of logical devices in a digital circuit. A Karnaugh map groups n-tuples of binary digits into patterns that minimize the number of devices needed to implement a circuit.

Researchers are investigating multi-state computing using biological devices, quantum devices, and optical devices. The multi-state nature of these devices can be modeled with binary representations, however multi-state representations might be more appropriate.

The internal representation of hyper-cubes (please see "Theory" page) is an n-tuple of digits in the range 0…ROW_SIZE-1. Instead of a base 2, or base 10, representation; these digits have a base ROW_SIZE representation. In a fashion similar to Gray codes, a transition to an adjacent cell within a hyper-cube represents a unitary change (plus or minus 1) for each digit in an n-tuple.