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Downloads for
Windows 2k, XPandWindows 7, 10
    32 Bit    /     64 Bit
Ticket Manager
for non-profit events
2K bytes iTktMgr.exe (1.6M bytes)

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Under Construction Opinion Survey Manager
Design Survey, Enter Data, Generate Reports
2K bytes

Shared DB
iSrvyMgr.exe (2.6M bytes)

Record Food Eaten and Resulting Symptoms,
Generate Reports for your Doctor

6K bytes
iGastro.exe (1.4M bytes)

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Query Manager
Build Query, Generate Reports
2K bytes iQueryMgr.exe (1.2M bytes)

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(The Non-Profit Tools are contained in self-extracting files.
The files can be saved on your disk, all in the same folder, ready for the installation process.)


Homeowner Articles:
Title Text PDF
"RADON Mitigation" 6K bytes 289K bytes
"Irrigation System 100 - Light Overnight Freezes - Spring or Fall" 7K bytes 186K bytes
"Irrigation System 101 - Spring Startup" 4K bytes 613K bytes
"Irrigation System 102 - Shut Down (Winterize) - Late Fall" 8K bytes 709K bytes
"Resolving Pop-Up Spray Head Occasional Problem" 2K bytes 274K bytes
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Technical Slideshows:
Title Slide Show
"Avoiding Automatic Upgrade To Windows 10" Avoiding_Windows_10_Upgrade.pdf

Technical Articles:
Title Text Rich Text PDF Slide Show First Published / Presented
"User Friendly Error Traps" 4K bytes 7K bytes 23K bytes DAAUG
"The Ins and Outs of INI Files" 11K bytes 14K bytes 35K bytes DAAUG
"Who Needs Relationships (in a Database)?" 7K bytes 10K bytes 26K bytes DAAUG
"SQL Select Queries - the Beginning" 11K bytes 14K bytes 30K bytes DAAUG
"SeQueL 2 - Queries JOIN in Now!" 9K bytes 14K bytes 28K bytes DAAUG
"SeQueL 3 - Queries JOIN from Afar!" 11K bytes 15K bytes 33K bytes DAAUG
"SeQueL 4 - Queries - and their Hidden Functions!" 13K bytes 19K bytes 41K bytes DAAUG
"SeQueL 5 - Queries - Talk to the ORACLE!" 9K bytes 13K bytes 28K bytes DAAUG
"SeQueL 6 - Queries - Need a UNION?" 8K bytes 13K bytes 28K bytes The PCoCk
"Data Modeling 101" 7K bytes 11K bytes 25K bytes 417K bytes DAAUG   The PCoCk
"NUnit 101 - Beginning TDD in .NET" 11K bytes 18K bytes 40K bytes 714K bytes Boulder Colorado .NET User Group
"Windows 7, 10 - Installing Application Programs" 4K bytes 11K bytes 17K bytes
"Data Entry into a Shared Database" 5K bytes 12K bytes 17K bytes
"SeQueL 7 - Queries - Get to the BOTTOM of It" 3K bytes 11K bytes 25K bytes
"SeQueL 8 - Queries - Wild Search" 4K bytes 8K bytes 28K bytes
"SeQueL 9 - Nested SubQueries" 5K bytes 8K bytes 25K bytes
"Infinite Data Forms" 2K bytes 7K bytes 11K bytes
"Why Embedded Style Code?" 2K bytes 5K bytes 12K bytes
"SeQueL 10 - Aggregating Query" 7K bytes 12K bytes 29K bytes

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(DAAUG = Denver Area Access Users` Group News)
(The PCoCk = The PC Users` Group of Colorado Newsletter)

Coding Projects:
Web based photo browser for a CD. Demonstrate [HTML, JAVAScript]Source Code

Filter program to auto generate INDEX.HTML for Web based photo browser [C++]Source Code