1993 - 53cm"Bridgestone RB-1/7
The RB-1/7 designation represents the 7-speed option that was available in 1993 versus the RB1/8 (yello) 8-speed option with STI shifters. Traded out my old 56cm 1989 Bridgestone RB-1 for this slightly more modern 1993 model because I need a little smaller frame. Found myself too stretched out on the old one even if though it was way comfortable on the tops of the bar. Had to drive all the way to Aspen to get this thing. It isn't built up the way I want yet but that will have to wait until winter.

Frame: Ishiwata 022E

Fork:Ishiwata 019E. CrMo cast crown


Headset: Mavic 1" threaded

Brakes/Levers: Shimano RX100

Shifters:Shimano RX100 downtube levers

Derailers: Shimano RX100

Stem Bars: Profile, Cinelli 44cm

Cranks: Shimano RX100 double 52/42

Seat/Seatpost: Brooks Swallow, Ritchey

Pedals: Shimano SPD

Chain: ??

Wheels: Shimano RX100 hubs on Mavic rims

Tires: Vittoria 700x23c

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